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2018 AR project

2018 AR project

This year we will be showing the versatility of the AR platform with a number of builds to look at different calibers and styles.

We have expanded this project to include public education, firearms safety, and school security to help dis-spell the myths of the platform being a military grade assault weapon. 

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Any and all manufactures and re-sellers of AR products are welcome to join us. Scopes, stocks, uppers, cases.   Click below and ask for more information.  Our top six partners will be displayed above with a company logo and link to your site.

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This project is a long term one.  With dozens of videos, pictures, radio interviews, and podcasts.  We also have plans to do seminars at area gun ranges where people can view, handle, and shoot complete weapons.  You're looking at a year or more of advertising simply by becoming involved. The sooner you do so, the more of a return you will see.

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