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Why choose us?

What do we offer that others don't


Unlike other review sites, we also promote your product as well as your site.  We work to increase your traffic to help drive more sales.  Our goal is to start a long term relationship to provide you with as much return on investment as possible.

Use our social footprint


Let us us our social footprint to drive traffic your way.  We work hard to keep our followers engaged, these followers are your target audience.

Ain't nobody got time for that.


Staying active in the social media world is hard, time consuming work.  Who has the time or resources for that?  To be successful in social media you have to be active every day, investing hours every day.  I just so happen to be disabled, which means I have nothing but time.  Use that to your advantage. 

What do I need to do?


Contact us using the form below.  We can talk through Email, or on the phone.

What will this cost me?


The only thing you need to do is provide the product(s) you wish reviewed and promoted.  We do the rest.  No other cost to you.

How do you go about promoting my product?


First thing is we take some pictures.  Those pictures are posted on several social media sites.  The post will include a description of the product as well as links to your social media page and web site.

After that a video will be made for your product which will also be posted with links.  You are free to use these videos in your own Emails, advertisements, even on your own web sits.  So long as the video is linked from our YouTube channel.

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